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    Secrets To Low Cost Facebook Ads

    September 29, 2017

September 29, 2017

Secrets To Low Cost Facebook Ads

Are you struggling to write Facebook ad copy that drive conversions and engagement? Are you frustrated by not getting likes and shares?

The secret to Facebook ads is getting a high relevance score. Hot to get low cost leads on facebook, low cost per click on Facebook.

This video reveals the secret to writing Facebook ads that get you high relevance score that drive conversions.

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Remember, one or two lines of copy is not going to do anything for you or your product. If you are talking about your product’s features and benefits in your advertisements, you are completely missing the boat.

Way before the Facebook era, you will see that long copy ads worked wonders for all of the great direct response marketers. A good example is Grant Cardone or Alex Becker, they write long copy.

This is the first big key thing to keep in mind when creating your facebook ads.

But there is another powerful secret to add on that can really boost the engagement of your audience and thusly boosting the response of your ad on Facebook… That is story telling! Think about someone like Tony Robbins, he is always telling a story.

This is the ‘trick’ I found that has massively increased the profitability in my facebook advertising and also generated massive increases in responses and engagement on my facebook ads!

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