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January 9, 2019

Amazon Review Sites How To Get Free Amazon Products

How To Start An Amazon Affiliate Business in 2019

how to start an amazon business 2019

Reviews are everything on Amazon.

Reviews are what sell products!

I have never bought a single product on Amazon that didn’t have a review, and I am sure I am not alone. Most people use Amazon reviews as one of their main tools for considering whether to buy a product or not.

So it’s easy to see why reviews can make or break an Amazon seller’s business. And that is why companies give away their products for free or with deep discounts to shoppers in exchange for their reviews.

Important Update

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on what site you are on), things are changing.

Due to Amazon’s latest policy change regarding product reviews, many of these sites have been forced to change direction. Some still continue to operate but under different rules, and some are completely halting their program. I will do my best to keep up and update this page. Please let us know in the comments if you do find changes on any of these sites.

How Amazon review sites work and How To Get Free Stuff On Amazon

Let’s say I am an Amazon seller and I want to get some reviews on my product(s) in order to drive up the sales. Finding buyers individually and contacting them would be time-consuming and tedious. Not to mention, you can’t be sure if the people who you send your product to for free will even leave a review.

Now, let’s assume am an Amazon shopper and I want to get free products. But I don’t know which sellers out of the thousands of sellers on Amazon will give me their product for free in exchange for my review. I could contact them directly, but this would be time-consuming and again, who know who many will actually give me their product.

That’s where these Amazon review sites come in.

They create a site where sellers looking for reviews and shoppers looking for free stuff can find each other quickly and easily.

You sign up for the site, then you get notified when there is a new review opportunity, or on some sites, you can login and see available products you can apply for to review.

1. AMZ Review Trader (now known as Vipon)

Update: AMZ is now Vipon. Thanks to MaryKs for the heads up.

The types and variety of products here would blow you mind away!

I like this site a lot because you can request to review as much as 20 items at one go. Granted, it is unlikely you get to review all you asked for; this is surely to be expected.

I would often allow myself 2-3 days if I hit jackpot with my request. When I don’t hear from them, I simply replace my earlier requests with a new batch of products.

2. Product Elf

The products on display at Product Elf is impressive (perhaps only second to AMZ) and they do an amazing job to keep their website updated almost on daily basis (so the freshness is always there – in term of product variation and look and feel of the web page).

But I especially like the fact that items displayed here are not restricted to those that tend to be fashionable or the fad of the days.

I have managed to review and get some of the “not so mainstream” products here. This practice is a departure of other review web sites that so incline to push the usual types of merchandise before you. And they are big on supplements as well.

One downside here is that they tend to mix it up here! Sometimes you find fabulous deals that save you a lot but there are also lots of what I call cheap deals. I mean, 50% off is great but then it is not great saving when you apply them to those that cost little (like 5 bucks) in the first place.

3. Snagshout

As you are about to get on to the world of reviewers, you probably going to hear a lot about Snagshout. It enjoys a massive followings among the reviewers.

The thing I don’t like about Snagshout is their one product policy.

This means that at any one time, there is only one product for you to order, test, and review. You can’t do two or more together and you can’t start your next review before the Snagshout team verified your review.

On the whole, it is not bad in term of product choice.

4. Giveaway Service

This is among my favorites. There are tons of products to choose from and my observation is that this Giveaway Service often features products that are in the range of $60 or even higher (retail value).

Another amazing feature here is that you often come across promotion codes that offer 100% discount. That means the products are offered at no cost.

5. I Love to Review

They send emails almost daily, so there are a lot of products you can review.


in my experience, the majority of the products are small crappy stuff that I wouldn’t normally need/buy. But it could be different for you. You may indeed need/use those products.

6. Amazing Deals Group

After the first signing up, you will be rewarded with a DealCoin, which can be used to exchange for the product of corresponding value. As you embark on your review job, you’ll continue to be rewarded with a DealCoin with every completed assignment, i.e. those individual assignments have to be verified by the Amazing Deals Group. And then you go for another review.

7. Amazon Prime Review Club

From what I see, they are not interested to recruit more reviewers right now.

8. Amazon Review Club

This site offers free registration and immediately after you can go to their website and check out what available products you can participate straight away (look for that DEALS button).

9. BuView

They will notify members on what appropriate projects available for review.

10. Deals for Reviews

This site makes it easier for members by not requiring them to fill a discount code. But when such requirement is mandatory, click on the product of interest and ask for that discount code. There is an “agree” button to click after you are done.

11. Dollar Deal Reviews

Upon registration, the website will award you with 200 deal tickets that can be useful for immediate redemption or discount codes. Your deal tickets will accumulate after you put in more and more reviews!

12. Elite Deal Club

The amazing variety of products here means that I can afford to pick and choose on what makes great reviews on my end. The selection process is almost immediate, which is good as it means no waiting. Naturally, the products being featured here are expected to move fast and you need to regularly scrutinize your e-mail so as not to miss out on a nice product.

One more way to get free/discounted Amazon products: Ask sellers directly

You don’t necessarily have to join those review sites in order to get free or discounted products.

You can go direct to sellers.


you can only do so with a credible Amazon Rank (under #200,000).

Inevitably, you would be required to have more than just a handful of reviews before you go pitching the sellers.

Once you have enough of those reviews, you can contact the sellers directly and offer them a review in exchange for a free product. And since you already have a good history and track record of being a top reviewer, seller will gladly give you their product for free.

To contact a seller directly, click on their name (right under the product title on the product listing page) and you will be taken to their official “seller’s page” where you can find out how to contact them (normally there is a “contact this seller” button.

Tips: Doing Amazon product reviews successfully

Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your experience.

– Sign up for as many review sites as you can
If you want to increase your chance of getting more free stuff, then sign up with as many of these sites as you can.

They are all free to join, so you really have nothing to lose but a few minutes of your time.

– Get a dedicated email address
If you do decide to sign up for more than just one or two sites, then I’d suggest you register a new email address just Amazon review sites. That way you can keep everything in one place and make it easier and faster for you to check for new opportunities, instead of having to weed through tons of other personal emails to find emails from review sites.

-Write detailed reviews
If you look at reviews on Amazon, you’ll notice usually the ones on the top (that say something like “X number of people found this review helpful”) are the ones that are detailed and long.

Sellers also like detailed reviews, so you are likely to get more products if your reviews are detailed and long.

-Be honest
Sure, every seller wants to get positive feedback, but selling your soul for the sake of a few free products isn’t the right way to go.

Give the product a try, then give it your honest opinion.

Although this may seem contradictory to what you are doing here, and you may think you will end up with less products, in the long run it actually work out better.


Because when shoppers read your reviews, they will up vote it if they feel like you’re being honest and detailed.

And once you have enough top reviews under your belt, that’s when you hit the jackpot. That is when product owners will actually directly contact you and give you free stuff in exchange for your review.

Plus, it will be easier for you to get into the Vine program.

-Become a Prime Member if you can
Notice that Prime is not a pre-requisite.

However, this could be a nice and necessary option if you figure your review work is for long haul (imagine all the shipping fees that got saved).

The other reason for Prime membership is that the bulk of review work entitles you to free Prime shipping.

Think about it, it is going to be $4-$10 on shipment every time you review an item without Prime.

If you are not sure, I say go ahead and sign up. Since Amazon offers Free 30-day Prime trial, you can always cancel it if you think this does not work for you.

Just do it inside the 30 days or the billing cycle will kick in (again the full annual charge is $99).

Bottom line

Use the product and give it your honest review.

Don’t give 5 stars so you can make the seller happy and hope you get more free stuff.

That’s just not right!

January 8, 2019

WordPress 5: How To Switch Back To Old Classic Editor – Using Classic Editor in WordPress 5

Are you frustrated trying to use WordPress 5? Here is a solution that is quick and easy

WordPress 5 was released only a few days ago. Many blogs and websites have successfully upgraded to the new version. WordPress 5 brings a lot of changes, including a new Gutenberg editor that replaces the good old Classic Editor that we have been using for years.


What you need to know about Gutenberg

Gutenberg is a sleek and modern block-based editor that completely alters the way posts and pages are created. But it’s still in its early days. Some bloggers and writers don’t like it because they are not familiar with it while others think the block-based editor is way more complex than the classic editor. Here we will talk about how you can disable the Gutenberg editor and get back the Classic Editor.

Fortunately, Gutenberg does not affect your published content. Folks at GoDaddy tested it with more than a hundred websites and there was no difference in live posts and pages after updating to WordPress 5.

The posts and pages created prior to the rollout of Gutenberg will appear in a Classic block, which is marked by a “Classic” heading. You can convert the Classic block into multiple blocks via the blocks menu by clicking on the three dots.

While the old classic editor had a clean writing area similar to Microsoft Word, the Gutenberg editor has blocks for paragraphs, images, videos, headings, and plugins. Depending on the WordPress theme you have, you can style the editor to look like the published page.

Early reports suggest that users have encountered random bugs while working in Gutenberg editor. The Gutenberg plugin has a disappointing 2.3 out of 5 rating. It will take developers some time to fix the bugs and enhance the user experience. Until then, you can disable Gutenberg in WordPress 5 and switch back to the Classic Editor.

How to go back to the Classic Editor in WordPress 5

Yes, the WordPress team allows you to disable Gutenberg and switch back to the Classic Editor. And they have made it pretty simple. Here’s how to do it:

STEP-1: Log in to your WordPress site as an administrator and go to Plugins > Add Plugin

STEP-2: Search Classic Editor in the WordPress plugin repository. You’ll see the Classic Editor plugin near the top of search results. It is developed and maintained by the core WordPress contributors. Alternatively, you can download it from here


STEP-3: Click on Install Now and once it’s installed, activate the plugin. It will automatically disable the Gutenberg editor in WordPress 5 when you activate it.


STEP-4: Now go to Settings > Writing to optimize the Classic Editor settings to your liking. You can also choose to keep both the Classic and Gutenberg editors. After changing the settings, hit the Save Changes button near the bottom of the page.

wordpress 5 Settings

That’s it! Now you can create new posts using the Classic Editor. You will also be able to edit older posts and pages using the classic one.

It’s worth pointing out that Gutenberg editor is the future of WordPress and it’s here to stay. The WordPress team will continue to support the Classic Editor through the end of 2021, giving you plenty of time to get familiar with Gutenberg.

Even if some themes and plugin face issues with the new editor, we expect developers to address the problems in the coming months. The core WordPress team is giving developers of third-party plugins, themes and tools the time they need to add compatibility with Gutenberg.

Once you are ready to use the block-based editor, you can enable it from Settings. Or you can uninstall the Classic Editor plugin altogether.

January 7, 2019

{2019 Blubrry Coupon Code} Get First Month Free On Blubrry Podcast Hosting

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Do you know that hosting a podcast is best when paired with great analytics and super fast server? but how do you do that?

Thanks to blubrry, you can now have detailed analytics while hosting your podcast on an ultra-fast CDN with a powerful WordPress plugin.

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Blubrry Podcast Hosting Features

  • Unlimited downloads are given
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  • Audio, audiobook, video, ePub ( ebook format) and PDF supported
  • Media hosted on their fast content delivery network (CDN) with more than 35 data centers throughout the world to provide the lowest latency (response time in seconds) possible
  • Upload using HTML5 technology with ease.
  • Automated ID3 tagging
  • Episodes hosted until you cancel service
  • Media validation to make it look good on all podcast players
  • Podcast Statistics Are Shown In The Dashboard for Free
  • Technical support is given by email

You can also schedule your podcast to be posted on a specific date and time with Blubbry. The PowerPress plugin for WordPress will help you to better retain your SEO.

Support for all platforms (In case you are not a WordPress user)

  • Blubrry on-site publishing
  • You can have a single point of presence at Blubrry.com/anyname
  • All standard blog posting features
  • Schedule posting support
  • ID3 tag writing support

Blubbry is genuinely the best podcast hosting and statics service. Use the coupon to have a full featured trial of this awesome service for FREE with coupon code up2paar .

September 29, 2018

What To Do If Your Facebook Page Has Been Banned

What to do if your Facebook Business page has been banned and hot to prevent your Facebook ads account from being banned.

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The most common Reasons, Why Facebook Suspend Your Ads Account. So what happened to your Ads account? There are some small problems in the competitive world of marketing. Like when your Facebook Ads account being disapproved. We feel shocked and surprised when this happens to us. Your ads businesses stop the moment your account is suspended.

An Ads account that is suspended can no longer run ads. This is because of the payments issues or the terms and policies violation. The Facebook team basically has terms and policies we should adhere to. Once you violate their terms of service, you won’t get a new Ads account using the same name, you will not drive traffic to the same domain themes forever. So why are they suspending our accounts? Here are the most common reasons why your ads are being flagged.

1. You publish misleading ad contents. One you violated the rule, you get punished for it. Publishing contents that have vague definitions are against the Facebook policies. When they realize that your content is deceptive, your account will be suspended. For instance, some cases where you use the term “ best” to describe your product content, it can be flagged for making claims that are competitive. Some cases also include using a copyright material from another person with no permission. These are the reason why your Ads account is banned.

2. Your website only exhibit ads. The Facebook team have received many complaints from users about the sites that only display the ads. When we open our Ads account, we set different goals that you want to achieve. When your primary goal is to hack a larger number of customers to your site, to make more money through advertising. Facebook will not tolerate your site to be an appropriate landing page for consumers. If you think that this rule is lame and does not apply to a site, l feel for you, my friend. A site does not have to be full with ads for it to be suspended but you should know the purpose of your site. Some of you also run blogs for ads , they are in this category. If you drive traffic to the site, then your account can be suspended so try to be fair enough with your site to protect it.

3. You use Malware in your site. This is another common reason why your account can be canceled. If your ads site to install software to user’s computers without their knowledge, this is a crime. My site can have malware intentionally and it is perfectly clear for Facebook to suspend my account. That is not debated able. If they discover that your site exists primary purpose of collecting user’s primary information, this is against their policy. Even if there is no malware.

4. Your ads contents are all in caps. When you publish your content with all words in capital letters, your account might not be approved. The only exception to this Facebook rule is when you are highlighting promotion codes. So what can you do when your Ads account is canceled? The way to help prevent this suspension is to fix the violation as soon as possible if it was a mistake. You can also call the Ads support team for help. You can contact Facebook to see if anything can be done, but you might need to open a new account. That sounds really sad, right? If you love your business and wants to make it grow, then adhere to the policies and term and make more money!

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January 1, 2018

2019 How To Start Your Own SEO Business With No Technical Skills

How to Start an SEO Business with NO Technical Skills. All you need is a computer and cell phone to work from anywhere you want to. This is a real business you can be proud of.


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October 10, 2017

How to Write A Blog Fast And Easy – Beginners Guide

A beginners guide to blogging from choosing a platform – Blogger or WordPress , deciding on a name and all about content! To see links to tutorials etc visit my blog!

Learn how to create a blog template step by step for beginners! In this video I show you how to make a blog website using the same technology as fortune 500 companies. This will show you how to make a wordpress blog from scratch!

This will show you how to learn to blog and how to make money with the blog.

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[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K_prL9r6EjQ]
———Cameras Used To Shoot This Video ——-

Camera — Samsung NX300

Lens — Samsung NX 20-50mm f/3.5-5.6 Camera Lens (White)

Tripod — AmazonAluminum Tripod With Bag

Microphone — Movo WMIC70 Wireless 48-Channel UHF Lavalier Microphone System with Omni-Lav

Lighting — Neewer 2.6M x 3M/8.5ft x 10ft Background Support System and 800W 5500K Umbrellas Softbox Continuous Lighting Kit

This VIDEO was EDITED with Camtasia on a PC.


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September 29, 2017

Secrets To Low Cost Facebook Ads

Are you struggling to write Facebook ad copy that drive conversions and engagement? Are you frustrated by not getting likes and shares?

The secret to Facebook ads is getting a high relevance score. Hot to get low cost leads on facebook, low cost per click on Facebook.

This video reveals the secret to writing Facebook ads that get you high relevance score that drive conversions.

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Remember, one or two lines of copy is not going to do anything for you or your product. If you are talking about your product’s features and benefits in your advertisements, you are completely missing the boat.

Way before the Facebook era, you will see that long copy ads worked wonders for all of the great direct response marketers. A good example is Grant Cardone or Alex Becker, they write long copy.

This is the first big key thing to keep in mind when creating your facebook ads.

But there is another powerful secret to add on that can really boost the engagement of your audience and thusly boosting the response of your ad on Facebook… That is story telling! Think about someone like Tony Robbins, he is always telling a story.

This is the ‘trick’ I found that has massively increased the profitability in my facebook advertising and also generated massive increases in responses and engagement on my facebook ads!

If you would like to know how to start your own Digital Marketing Business with NO Technical Skills. All you need is a computer and cell phone to work from anywhere you want to. This is a real business you can be proud of.

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September 27, 2017

How To Spy On Your Competitors’ Facebook Ads! Great FREE Tool!

How To Use this Facebook Advertising Tool and Facebook’s Targeting To Steal Your Competitors’ Customers. Here is a link to follow along with to AdEspresso a Hoosuite Company https://adespresso.com/academy/ads-ex… . Facebook Ad Examples From Every Industry Search our vast collection of ads examples for FREE. Get inspired by how others (including your competitors) advertise on Facebook! Build your Facebook Swipe files with this tool for free.

This tool allows you to see what your competition is using to convert their Facebook advertising including see Likes, Comments, and Share. You can go to the actual Facebook Ad and see the copy.

It doesn’t matter if you are researching for insights about your facebook custom audiences or if you are searching for those insights that will dial your facebook marketing efforts in to the perfect target market, the FB audience insights tool is the go-to tool for the job!

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This is the ‘trick’ I found that has massively increased the profitability in my facebook advertising and also generated massive increases in responses and engagement on my facebook ads!

If you would like to know how to start your own Digital Marketing Business with NO Technical Skills. All you need is a computer and cell phone to work from anywhere you want to. This is a real business you can be proud of.

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Twitter: jimpaar

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