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September 29, 2018

What To Do If Your Facebook Page Has Been Banned

What to do if your Facebook Business page has been banned and hot to prevent your Facebook ads account from being banned.

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The most common Reasons, Why Facebook Suspend Your Ads Account. So what happened to your Ads account? There are some small problems in the competitive world of marketing. Like when your Facebook Ads account being disapproved. We feel shocked and surprised when this happens to us. Your ads businesses stop the moment your account is suspended.

An Ads account that is suspended can no longer run ads. This is because of the payments issues or the terms and policies violation. The Facebook team basically has terms and policies we should adhere to. Once you violate their terms of service, you won’t get a new Ads account using the same name, you will not drive traffic to the same domain themes forever. So why are they suspending our accounts? Here are the most common reasons why your ads are being flagged.

1. You publish misleading ad contents. One you violated the rule, you get punished for it. Publishing contents that have vague definitions are against the Facebook policies. When they realize that your content is deceptive, your account will be suspended. For instance, some cases where you use the term “ best” to describe your product content, it can be flagged for making claims that are competitive. Some cases also include using a copyright material from another person with no permission. These are the reason why your Ads account is banned.

2. Your website only exhibit ads. The Facebook team have received many complaints from users about the sites that only display the ads. When we open our Ads account, we set different goals that you want to achieve. When your primary goal is to hack a larger number of customers to your site, to make more money through advertising. Facebook will not tolerate your site to be an appropriate landing page for consumers. If you think that this rule is lame and does not apply to a site, l feel for you, my friend. A site does not have to be full with ads for it to be suspended but you should know the purpose of your site. Some of you also run blogs for ads , they are in this category. If you drive traffic to the site, then your account can be suspended so try to be fair enough with your site to protect it.

3. You use Malware in your site. This is another common reason why your account can be canceled. If your ads site to install software to user’s computers without their knowledge, this is a crime. My site can have malware intentionally and it is perfectly clear for Facebook to suspend my account. That is not debated able. If they discover that your site exists primary purpose of collecting user’s primary information, this is against their policy. Even if there is no malware.

4. Your ads contents are all in caps. When you publish your content with all words in capital letters, your account might not be approved. The only exception to this Facebook rule is when you are highlighting promotion codes. So what can you do when your Ads account is canceled? The way to help prevent this suspension is to fix the violation as soon as possible if it was a mistake. You can also call the Ads support team for help. You can contact Facebook to see if anything can be done, but you might need to open a new account. That sounds really sad, right? If you love your business and wants to make it grow, then adhere to the policies and term and make more money!

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