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February 28, 2019

How To Achieve Explosive 10X Growth with This Mindset – UP2008

It’s not that growing your business by 10x is easy.  Doubling your business is harder than multipling it by 10 times.  When you’re trying to double your business, you’re making progress in small increments based on doing more of what you’ve already been doing.  You’re using your current operational capabilities and resources, but just trying harder, which places a greater and greater strain on you and your team.

Going for 10x growth, on the other hand, would take extraordinary levels of creativity and innovation.  It would mean making massive steps forward in your efficiency, resourcefulness and value creation.

February 20, 2019

How To Become A Direct Sales Superstar in 2019! Up2Paar UP007

How to Building a Successful Network Marketing Business

Direct sales, in particular it’s sub-type, network marketing, is often viewed negatively. A bad experience with an overzealous or outright dishonest rep, as well as myths and misunderstandings about direct sales keep many people away from this home business option.

However, direct sales is a viable way to start a home based business if you go in with the right attitude, knowledge, and willingness to work. Here are tips for achieving success in direct sales and MLM.

1) Understand that it’s a business like any other business.

Direct sales marketers have the tendency to water down the plan so that it’s easy to understand, but that can also give the impression that it’s easy to do. “Help five people get eight people, and you’ll get a free car.” What they don’t tell you is that you’ll need to talk to at least 50 people to get the five people, and help them talk to at least 80 people each to get their eight. While these numbers aren’t exact, the point is, that you’ll receive a lot of ‘nos’ in your quest to find your few yeses, which can be discouraging.

2) Use your company’s products and services.

Your customers will know when you’re giving a spiel simply to sell them something versus if you’re excited about what you’re offering. The best direct sales reps use and love their products. They talk about them with enthusiasm, which is what helps sell them. Using your products and services also gives you personal experiences and information so you can discuss them honestly and accurately with potential customers.

3) Read and understand your company’s marketing and compensation plan, and policies.

Some companies forbid you to use their name in your marketing. Others don’t allow you to set up your own consultant website. The point is, buying into a business opportunity means there may be rules and restrictions you need to abide by.

Further, to maximize your income, you need to know the best way to make money. Which products are the most popular and earn you the most income? How can you earn bonuses? What are the overrides by helping others start a business?

The better you understand the terms by which you can run your business, as well as how you get paid, the better you can maximize your income.

4) Determine the best buyers for your products and services.

Further, in direct sales, there is a tendency to focus on targeting people who want to make money, and that’s not bad, but you’re better off focusing on people who want to make money AND would like your products and services. People aren’t going to be successful selling something they can’t get behind. Further, retail sales is a part of how money is made, but you can’t sell products to people who don’t want or need them. In fact, many people who start a business in direct sales were customers first, and they liked the products so much they decided to sell them.

5) Figure out where you can find your target market.

Use tools like Facebook Audience Insights to study your target. General advertising and promotion doesn’t work as well as sending your message directly to the people who are most likely to buy what you’re selling. What websites do they surf, what magazines do they read, what organizations do they belong to, etc.? That’s where you want to focus your marketing efforts.

6) Differentiate yourself from the thousands of other people who are working with the same company.

Why should people buy from you rather than that other rep who lives next door? Some ways to set yourself apart are to offer a higher level of service, give discounts or freebies, set up a loyalty program, etc. The key is to find a way to stand out from all the others selling the same thing you are.

7) Develop your own website and marketing tools, if allowed by your company.

This is another way you can differentiate yourself and customize what you offer. For example, on your own website you can offer an email newsletter with tips and helpful hints. Print business cards with an offer, such as a free consultation or a discount.

Be sure to read your company’s terms of service, as some have rules about creating your own website or what you can reveal about the company on a website.

February 13, 2019

14 Most Profitable Business Ideas of 2019 You Can Start Today! Up2Paar UP006

Today I am sharing the MOST PROFITABLE BUSINESSES IN 2019

Hey what’s up guys Jim Paar here from Up2Paar, I provide knowledge and clarity to be profitable on your own and gain your independence.

Today I’m gonna share a few guys fourteen different online business ideas that I would personally pursue myself if I wasn’t so busy as you guys could probably imagine I’ve got a lot going on I’ve got a lot of distances and projects and I can’t do it all so oftentimes what I do is whenever I have ideas for things I write down on my phone in Evernote.

Doesn’t matter what everyone is doing, you need confidence in you because and bet on your own self.

Make sure you master the first business before moving to the next business. Don’t spread yourself out so thin.

1. How to be a blogger (course) also start a blog
a. Passive income generator form
i. Sponsors
ii. Adsense
iii. Affiliates

2. Online mini courses ($300 – $5000)
a. How to get followers on Instagram
b. How to start a YouTube channel (promote on Instagram
c. Identify niches, I have a worksheet called the Invisible Knowledge to find your talents.

TIP: Many people quit when they get one bad comment, Those people will never be successful at anything because they give up so quit. Remember disregard the lurkers and idiots, they have nothing better to do.

Quit taking life so serious.

3. Start a business on Amazon
a. Research products to sell
b. Be an affiliate, of course less money but good passive income

4. Meal prep business if you love to cook, so many people have no time to cook.

5. Personal trainer – yes not at the gym but online
a. Trainize is a great platform but build an online business with a real program and even have a LIVE daily program for a higher membership price.

6. Rent websites to people that wants leads in a niche
a. No tech skills
b. Low overhead
c. Make $1000 to $5000 per month

7. Flip online businesses
a. Buy expired domains
b. Go to flippa.com and buy an existing business
c. They have domain authority
d. Many people start a business and have no idea how to market the business.

8. Daily planner – 30 day challenge
a. Morning rituals
b. Evening rituals

c. How to strategic plan your day for success
9. Publishing company
a. Easy to do
b. Much of this can be outsourced

10. Supplements of your own
a. Lots of companies to white label your products.
b. Create your own favorite Keto Product
c. Sell on Amazon, huge dollars if branding is good
d. Niche products like for Memory, Energy, aging

11. Software
a. People are big into Amazon, CBD’s, Cryprto
b. Develop a software that makes this easier.
c. Easy to find programmers on Upwork or Freelance
d. Simply explain it.

12. Start a YouTube Channel
a. Find your passion
b. Millions of views on affirmations and mediation

13. Done for your services – think of it like if you buy a grill at Home Depot, you can get it already put together or spend hours putting it together yourself.
a. Sales funnels
b. Websites
c. Build an affiliate business
d. Build a passive blog

14. Last but not least – Coaching and consulting
a. Creating a group coaching platform.
b. One on One LIVE online

February 6, 2019

Up2Paar Interview w/ Eric Zuley, Learn the Secrets of Eric Z’s Empire – Up2Paar Pocdcast UP005

Jim Paar interviews Eric Zuley, Learn the Secrets of Eric Z’s Empire Top Influencer Eric Zuley

Up2Paar Interview w/ Multi-Media Mogul Eric Zuley LIVE – Top Influencer of 2018

Born and raised in Mission Viejo, CA, Eric Zuley is one of the world’s Top Ten Social Media Influencers in the world. In 2014, he was recognized by congress with The Robert Novak Award as an influential digital journalist.  Eric was also honored by Hollywood Weekly Magazine’s with the 2017 Digital Trailblazer Award. He had the distinct pleasure of honoring E! Entertainment Co-founder Larry Namer, Creator of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Frank Shankwitz, Kate Linder (The Young and Restless) and several others.

Eric is the creator of the Social Network, ezwayfam.com. He has several YouTube channels, one of which has over 14 million views he created the eZWayWall Of Fame with over 75 celebrity influencers and entrepreneurs. His company, ezwaypromotions, has worked with Americas Got Talent, Domino’s Pizza, Pamela Hasselhoff, to name a few.

Having produced over 250 red carpet events, eZWay Promotions has helped raise millions through eZWay Cares. Eric is a talk show host on KDOC and KXLA television, Voice America l, and i-Tunes.  He’s the 2019 Family Film Awards host, along with over 50 other stages, he’s the CMO of Evander Holyfield’s family’s TV distribution network, overseeing 14 channels, including his own, EZWAY.TV

His cover of Hollywood Weekly was the biggest selling cover of all time. He’s also been seen in Influential People Magazine, and on Fox, ABC 7, E!, EXTRA, and several other covers of magazines. He was the face of Axe Body Spray and acted in an 8-time Emmy award winning show “The Bay”.

He Recently joined forces with NFL HALL OF FAME INDUCTEE TIM BROWN, creating the solution for fundraising, the eZWay Smart giving Debit Card.

Known as the influencer whisper and multimedia mogul for the last 15 years he’s self built a social media empire and house- hold brand online.

Eric is the CEO of eZWay Promotions which specializes in building their customers social proof, social boost and is a game changer in lead generation and business developing and branding.

Eric has interviewed over 2000 celebrities like Carl Weathers, Alicia Silverstone, Anthony Anderson,

Some of the celebrity supporters that do it the eZWay include Christopher Lloyd, Frank Shankwitz, Kate Linder, Kevin Sorbo Berny Dohrman Chairman CEO SPACE, Ron Klein creator of the magnet strip on the credit cards, The Pointer Sisters, Gloria Allred, Former Vp of Warner Bros John Matta, Former director of the Golden Globe Awards Chris Donovan, CEO of Letip International Kim Marie, Dr. Joe Vitale, Forbes Riley, Tom Green just to name a few.

Check out Eric Zuley at: https://www.ericzuley.com/

EzWay Mobile App: https://upgrade.ezwaybroadcasting.com/ezwayapp/