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    How to Optimize Your Facebook Business Page for SEO

    January 2, 2019

January 2, 2019

How to Optimize Your Facebook Business Page for SEO

There are a lot of rumors floating around about the appropriate methods to maximize your Facebook Business Page for SEO. Some people say to make sure that you have keywords inside your Facebook URL while others say to have specific keywords and phrases on your FB document names that represent your uploaded content.

Both are true, but because searching the Web can be a drag to find the best and easiest ways to optimize your FB business page to obtain the maximum organic visitors from search engines, here are a couple of methods I have discovered that have worked well for me personally.

Let us begin having the most significant optimizing tip for your Facebook fan page.

1. Pick a Brandable Name
Optimizing your FB page for search engines should be as straightforward as a adding few important phrases that represent your business. In cases like this, I am branding myself as a Search Engine Optimization Blogger giving away FREE SEO tips.

You might be tempted to stuff your own FB fan page with too many keywords like “John’s SEO Blogger Tips, Keyword hints, On-Page Optimization and Social Media Strategies,” but using a title similar to this may hurt your viral growth with Facebook.

If you appear too spammy, even though that is not your intention, your followers and readers might be less inclined to participate with your page. Providing value with non self-serving posts and vital advice can bring a quality following.

Hint — The first word within your Facebook Business page name is given the most importance by Google.

2. Use Keywords Through Your Facebook Page
Just like some other sites from cyberspace, keyword optimization is the most fundamental form of onsite SEO.

Be certain to include your site’s address (URL) together with key words with-in your brief description. Your Website’s link along with your short description will be shown, above the fold and, on the very front of your Facebook business page. Your site’s URL will be clickable and simple for readers to go to your Website with just one click.

Assessing your Facebook company page is similar to any other SEO procedure to get a Website. The title of the Facebook page is going to be utilized as the Meta Title Tag and the short description will be used as the Meta Descriptions Tag.

3. Create a Custom Facebook URL
Do not ever settle for the standard issue Facebook URL which is included with your Facebook account. After your lover page has obtained 25 enjoys, Facebook will give you the chance to create a custom and one of a kind URL for your business page.

Since URL’s hold high value to search engines, a distinctive Facebook website address should be in your bag of search engine optimization tips and tricks to add to your social networks. Facebook vanity URL’s offer the company owner to place their company name or an easy to remember link that can help enhance your brand awareness.

Stop by FaceBook.com/Username to check out some Facebook username possibilities available. When you land on the site, select your Business Page from the drop-down listing. Then you’ll have a box to enter a desired user-name.

Hint — Similar to your site’s meta descriptions tag, you will want to utilize a brief 160 or less character description for your business page so that your whole message displays in the search engine snippet.

4. Optimize Facebook Business Page Status Updates for SEO
When posting picture image and photos updates to your Facebook wall, make the most of this option “Say Something About This…” if Facebook prompts you. The text which you write will end up your search engine optimization name for that update.

Occasionally placing key words within your photo descriptions, status updates and communications with other Facebook customers, in which it seems natural and makes sense, can help boost your SEO efforts. Adding a link to your business website on your upgrades is also a good practice to follow.

Tip — Just like your Facebook company page title, Google will place a higher value from the very first word on your update, therefore it may be a smart move to consider making that a keyword relevant to your website.

5. Include Your Telephone Number and Address Within Your Facebook Page
It might sound surprising, but there are many businesses with a Facebook company page that do not include their contact information.

Contemplating the SEO significance that Google and other search engines are taking into account for social networking networking websites, it is just plain smart to add your contact number and address. Google will place a greater importance on Facebook business pages that give specific information for example your business phone number and address.

Recall having your ‘Brand’ indexed for local search is a vital step to growing your FB page after.

6. Backlink for a Facebook Business Page
Similar to every other Website in cyberspace, using a massive quantity of quality inbound links will classify your site as an authority in the eyes of Google.

The identical principle applies to a Facebook Business page, therefore, wherever appropriate and possible, make sure you include a link back to your fan webpage from other social networking websites, Websites, websites, etc..

7. Design an Informative Facebook Page Cover
This last tip might not be complete on SEO, but having a professionally designed and enlightening Facebook cover for your organization page won’t only look great, but it is going to put you in an elite group of over the restof the

Together with amazing graphics, be sure to include your Website name and tagline on the cover picture.

Also, make sure to include a square picture of yourself in the photo box… this dimension must be a minimum of 180 pixels width by 180 pixels heigh.

Hint — Make an arrow from the cover picture to the like button. This will encourage the people to like your webpage. Fans who ‘enjoyed’ your webpage will get upgrades increasing the amount of targeted visitors.

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