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February 13, 2019

14 Most Profitable Business Ideas of 2019 You Can Start Today! Up2Paar UP006

Today I am sharing the MOST PROFITABLE BUSINESSES IN 2019

Hey what’s up guys Jim Paar here from Up2Paar, I provide knowledge and clarity to be profitable on your own and gain your independence.

Today I’m gonna share a few guys fourteen different online business ideas that I would personally pursue myself if I wasn’t so busy as you guys could probably imagine I’ve got a lot going on I’ve got a lot of distances and projects and I can’t do it all so oftentimes what I do is whenever I have ideas for things I write down on my phone in Evernote.

Doesn’t matter what everyone is doing, you need confidence in you because and bet on your own self.

Make sure you master the first business before moving to the next business. Don’t spread yourself out so thin.

1. How to be a blogger (course) also start a blog
a. Passive income generator form
i. Sponsors
ii. Adsense
iii. Affiliates

2. Online mini courses ($300 – $5000)
a. How to get followers on Instagram
b. How to start a YouTube channel (promote on Instagram
c. Identify niches, I have a worksheet called the Invisible Knowledge to find your talents.

TIP: Many people quit when they get one bad comment, Those people will never be successful at anything because they give up so quit. Remember disregard the lurkers and idiots, they have nothing better to do.

Quit taking life so serious.

3. Start a business on Amazon
a. Research products to sell
b. Be an affiliate, of course less money but good passive income

4. Meal prep business if you love to cook, so many people have no time to cook.

5. Personal trainer – yes not at the gym but online
a. Trainize is a great platform but build an online business with a real program and even have a LIVE daily program for a higher membership price.

6. Rent websites to people that wants leads in a niche
a. No tech skills
b. Low overhead
c. Make $1000 to $5000 per month

7. Flip online businesses
a. Buy expired domains
b. Go to flippa.com and buy an existing business
c. They have domain authority
d. Many people start a business and have no idea how to market the business.

8. Daily planner – 30 day challenge
a. Morning rituals
b. Evening rituals

c. How to strategic plan your day for success
9. Publishing company
a. Easy to do
b. Much of this can be outsourced

10. Supplements of your own
a. Lots of companies to white label your products.
b. Create your own favorite Keto Product
c. Sell on Amazon, huge dollars if branding is good
d. Niche products like for Memory, Energy, aging

11. Software
a. People are big into Amazon, CBD’s, Cryprto
b. Develop a software that makes this easier.
c. Easy to find programmers on Upwork or Freelance
d. Simply explain it.

12. Start a YouTube Channel
a. Find your passion
b. Millions of views on affirmations and mediation

13. Done for your services – think of it like if you buy a grill at Home Depot, you can get it already put together or spend hours putting it together yourself.
a. Sales funnels
b. Websites
c. Build an affiliate business
d. Build a passive blog

14. Last but not least – Coaching and consulting
a. Creating a group coaching platform.
b. One on One LIVE online