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February 28, 2019

How To Achieve Explosive 10X Growth with This Mindset – UP2008

It’s not that growing your business by 10x is easy.  Doubling your business is harder than multipling it by 10 times.  When you’re trying to double your business, you’re making progress in small increments based on doing more of what you’ve already been doing.  You’re using your current operational capabilities and resources, but just trying harder, which places a greater and greater strain on you and your team.

Going for 10x growth, on the other hand, would take extraordinary levels of creativity and innovation.  It would mean making massive steps forward in your efficiency, resourcefulness and value creation.

January 23, 2019

The Power of Knowing Your Audience – How To Increase Your Revenue

Jim Paar provides simple tips to increase revenue, reduce marketing cost, and create an endless flow of customers.

Knowing your audience is a must to succeeding in any business. I owned three restaurants and many other successful businesses, if I did not know my audience I would not succeed.

If you are looking for high level marketing reach out to Paar Media Group at https://paarmediagroup.com or if you want to become an authority in your market, Jim has an incredible coaching program. Contact him today at info@up2paarmarketing.com